Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart / Faces Live Coast to Coast Overture & Beginnings (LP)

Design: Jim, John, Joe, and Mary @ AGI

Photography: Emerson0loew, Bruce Larson & Charles Gatewood.


Atlantic Crossing (LP)

Art Direction & Design: John Kosh

Cover : AGI, Hollywood

Photography: Richard Upper.


Storyteller. The Complete Anthology 1964-1990) ( 4 cd box)

Art Direction & Design: Lynn Robb

Reissue Design: Ryan Corey for Smog Design Inc.

Photography: Bonnie Shiffman,  Randee St Nicholas, Getty Images, David Gahr,  Courtesey of  Arnold Stiefel, Rex Features, WBR Archives, Micheal Putland, Neil Jones, David Steen, Stephan Morley, and Mark Sennett


Unplugged (CD)

Art Direction & Design: Greg Ross

Photography: Neal Preston


If We fall in Love Tonight (CD)

Art Direction & Design: Steve Wlaker

Photography: Ken Schless & Randee St. Nicholas


It Had to Be You. The American Songbook (DVD)

Art Direction & Design: Jeri Heiden @ SMOG Design Inc. LA

Photography: Andrew Macpherson


The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998  (4 CD).

Art Direction & Desig: Ryan Corey for Smog Design

Photo Research: Steve P. Gorman & Alexandra Quaranta

Photography: Chris Walter,  Christian Rose/Dalle,  Ebet Roberts, Neal Preston,  Debi Doss/Hulton Archives/Getty Images, Laurens Van Houten, Jeffrey Mayer, Kate Simon, Unfried/Goodtimes/Cache Agency, CEA/Cache Agency, Warren Abbott, Richard E. Aaron, Richard Upper, Glenn A. Baker/Shooting Star, Mark Sennett/Shooting Star, Bascop/Dalle, Mirrorpix, Claude Gassin, Norman Seeff, Micheal Comte, Herb Ritts, John Swannell/Camera Press London, Joseph Cultice/Corbis Outline


Fly to the Moon The Great American Songbook V (2 CD)

Art Direction & Design: John Cheuse

Photography: Mark Seliger  & Ketil Dietrichson


The Great American Songbook  I – IV (4 CD)

Art Direction & Design: Jeri and John Heiden @ SMOG Design Inc. LA

Photography: Andrew Macpherson and John Swanell

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