Neil Young Ahoy, Rotterdam nl 7-6-2009

Neil Young in concert at the Ahoy Rotterdam 7-6-2009:


– Love and only love
– Hey hey, my my (into the black)
– Everybody knows this is nowhere
– Pocahontas
– Spirit road
– Cortez the killer
– Cinnamon girl
– Mother earth (on pipe organ)
– Don’t let it bring you down
– Lost in space
– Heart of gold
– Comes a time
– Old man
– Mansion on the hill
– Get behind the wheel
– Rockin’ in the free world

Encore: Like a hurricane

All numbers to see on youtube

Photo’s By Don Martin

P1050116 P1050117 P1050119

P1050120 P1050121 P1050123

P1050125 P1050125 P1050129

Photography: Don Martin.

P1050130 P1050140 P1050145

P1050157 P1050164 P1050173

P1050190 P1050191 P1050194

P1050199 P1050205 P1050207

Pictures by Don Martin

P1050210 P1050223 P1050224

P1050225 P1050230 P1050240

P1050245 P1050256 P1050263

P1050264 P1050267 P1050268

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